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A British bingo game is very different from other bingo games in other country. To play this game in UK, you need to have bingo cards having 90 numbers but without letters. It is played in a piece of paper called ticket. These tickets can obtained a single book that has 10 tickets of different colors like white, red, blue, orange, grey, pink, violet and gold, or a multiple books.

It can also be done in multiple books that consist of 60 tickets and six bingo cards of all colors. These different kinds of color of tickets can be used to apply to the different types of game. The player who wants to have extra cards can buy some flyers and these are the solo sheets of the six cards per sheet.

The ticket for the game is consist of three lines with nine rows having five numbers to each row. There are no letters to the cards and there are clean spaces. In playing the bingo game in UK, the players need to set the cards under the screen and blot screen using a marker or dauber. When the callers start to call a number, they need to mark the number in the bingo cards.

There are different kinds of winning combinations in UK bingo these are:

  • Four corners. These are the left, right, top and bottom numbers in the cards.
  • Lines. Horizontal lines having five numbers to the ticket.
  • Two lines. Any two lines to the same tickets.
  • Full House. It covers 15 numbers in one ticket.

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