USA Bingo Review

American bingo has 75 balls, with 5 rows and 5 columns and with a free space to the center of 5×5 cards. The player needs to use a magnetic wand or dabber to pick up the chips. There is a lighted board showing the numbers 1-75 that displays the number that is being called. There are also TV screens for the number ball that is called and it is displayed throughout the hall. There are many patterns used to bring the fun to each round of the game. The bingo callers in bingo business US are more serious than other country.

To play Bingo in USA, this game is played with a piece of papers which is called Bingo card that has special colors for every game. There are 75 numbers and letters B, I, N, G, O that are stamped to the top of the card diagonally. Each letter has its own number such as:

  • B-has number 1-15
  • I-has numbers 16-30
  • N- has numbers 31-45
  • G-has numbers 46-60
  • O-has numbers of 61-75.

Players use chips to wrap the number that is called. These games need to complete a pattern like:

  • Horizontal line
  • Vertical line
  • Diagonal line
  • Four corners

Bingo in USA starts playing this game in churches to earn and raise funds. There are charitable sponsors who keep on supporting the bingo to have an impressive raise of cash. But in Las Vegas, bingo can be found in several casino buildings.

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