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Instant Bingo is a manifestation of instant action and instant fun. This is the reason why this bingo site is well-known for creating a well-built community of bingo players which is perfectly oiled and fine-tuned. There are always catch and simple to download version of the games found in this bingo site that boost their exciting lists of games available in the site. Thus, Instant Bingo is considered to be a perfect place if you are searching for instant wins and instant fun.
Bingo is not as big as in Canada as it is always commonly found in the US. But, it is a great thing to know that there would always be a service provider of bingo games offered to American players and this is where Instant Bingo comes in. It is one of the best online bingo sites that provide amazing features that would definitely enthrall and arouse excitement of avid bingo players and enthusiast.

New Player Offer

New players in this bingo site need not to worry anymore since they are given the chance to receive 100% bonus during their first purchase. On their next purchase, they will have 250% bonus. They are also given the chance to acquire for 200% bonus on every purchase they are going to have in the future.

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Games Available

Players would be glad to know that there are two variations of games that you may choose from. You may choose from traditional type of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. You may also have to pick one of your favorite rooms in the site depending on the cost of the bingo card that you’re going to choose. After that, you can now declare bingo using the allotted numbers that you have and win excellent jackpots.
Bingo cards in this bingo site may vary in different prizes and it include quarter, dime and nickel per card. If you’re one of those high rollers in this type of game, then you need not to worry anymore since high roller type of games would always give you an exciting and amazing type of games you wished to choose.

Withdrawal and Wagering

At Instant Bingo, withdrawal and wagering is considered to be very straightforward. You are given some options as far as depositing the money is concerned and that includes the international credit card like Mastercard and Visa and some limited selections of prepaid cards and debit cards. Withdrawals in this bingo site are primarily carried out using same type of method as you deposit your money. It is also worth to know that Instant Bingo has minimum type of limit for its deposit which is about $25 for all the players.
Withdrawal and wagering requirements may also differ depending on the type of bingo game you selected to play. But, you’re assured that when the wagering requirements are already met; expect that it can already be directed to your account in the bingo site.

Help and Support

As far as help and support is concerned, you may be amazed on how Instant Bingo would give you impressive and excellent support you need. There are instances that some players would be hesitating to play bingo games in the site hence they keep on asking some questions. Well, you can now direct your questions right to the help and support of the site through their live chat and email at
You can also contact them through their telephone number for more details and information. This is the reason why you need not to worry if you have queries regarding he site since you can already get in touch with their help and support team.


Join this bingo site today and receive deposit bonus for free. No purchases will be required for the players to receive a least $25 bonus for free. All you have to do to get instant cash is through registering to the site immediately. You also need to wager for your bonus for up to twenty times. Your winnings in this bingo site will be completely yours. But, for your bonus credits, these will only be used for the wagering purposes only and cannot be completely cashed out.

Social Media

Instant Bingo also offers pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and a lot more. These pages on social media platforms highlight all the necessary information needed for people to get to know more about the bingo site. This includes the games that they are offering, promotions, bonuses, jackpot prizes and a lot more. Since more and more people in these days are really engage in different social media platforms, you’re assured that the page of Instant Bingo in social media would be an essential way to get to know more about the site easily.

Mobile and Tablet

You may also be amazed since Instant Bingo is also made available to be played in tablet or mobile version. The site is primarily made to be mobile-friendly hence you’re assured that using tablet or any type of mobile device can already give you the chance to acquire an amazing experience playing bingo games.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent bingo site design
  • Amazing promotions and bonuses
  • Instant action and instant fun
  • Fast and responsive customer help and support

  • No codes for the available promos

To those avid players of bingo who really aim to acquire instant cash and fun, then choosing Instant Bingo is the right thing to do. You are assured that this bingo site would not only give you the chance to acquire instant cash but also amazing and fun bingo gaming experience you may never acquire from other bingo sites.
So, don’t miss the chance to choose this bingo site over the other. This may completely give you the best gaming experience you will never forget!

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